Q [About Usage] How long can I use the product (expiration date)?

Generally, cosmetics can be stored for about 3 years after the manufacturing date when it is unopened. After it opened, you can use it for about a year after you opened it.

However, the periods above are optimal suggested usage periods for cosmetics in general. Even if it slightly passes the expiration date, in case its viscosity, scent or color looks normal, there is no problem using it.

Nexxen Cosmetic has adopted the system to indicate a usage period for each product and indicated it on every product. Check the exact usage period on each product.

⁂ How to read the expiration date on the package or product 

- The code with English letters and numbers is the product number (code) and EXP (Expiry date) means the date of expiration.

- ‘6M’ or ‘24M’ on the container of the product means it is recommended to use it in 6 or 24 months after you open it.

[Examples of various indications]

Product No. 16C23 Expiry date 190322 – Until [Mar 22, 2019]

G0501 Until 20200430 – Until [Apr 30, 2020]

16G01B EXP190717 – Until [Jul 17, 2019]

D5033 EXP 08/20 – Until [Aug, 2020]

Q [Others] How can I exchange the product I purchased?

For an exchange or a refund, visit the store you bought the product with the receipt. When you bought the product on an online mall, you can get a refund or an exchange according to the terms and services of that site. Please contact the online mall customer center. 

Q [Others] where can I purchase Nexxen Cosmetic products?

Customers can purchase Nexxen Cosmetic products from general cosmetic stores or online shopping websites (ex: G Market, Auction, 11st). If you are a wholesaler, please place orders on our homepage.

Q [About Usage] What should I do if a cosmetic does not go with my skin?

Skin tends to respond sensitively to subtle stimulations or foreign substances to protect body from the outside environment. In particular, your skin may respond sensitively when using certain product for the first time or changing to another product. When a cosmetic does not go with your skin, stop using it and try once again after 2-3 days. Do not apply it directly on the face, but slightly on the inner arm or behind the ear (where you attach an antisickness patch) to check any abnormal response. If there is any, that product doesn’t work with your skin; stop using it and changing to another product. If there is no abnormal response, try a small amount on some parts of your face. If there is any abnormal response, stop using it. If not, continue to use it with a larger amount each time.

Q [About Product] What are the right steps to apply cosmetics?

When applying base products, there are not standard steps of using them. But, use them according to their viscosity. Therefore, use them in the order of viscosity from watery ones first and then to thick ones. 

Toner→Lotion→Essence→Nourishment cream→Eye cream

Q [About Product] What are SPF and PA used in sunscreens?

There are two sun protection factors: SPF (dealing with UVB) and PA (dealing with UVA). 

SPF is particularly important in summer. The higher the number of   (preventing UVB from causing sunburn or redness on the skin), the longer it protects your skin from UVB. For example, when applying a sunscreen with an SPF 38, if it takes 15 minutes for redness to appear in unprotected skin, it’ll take around 9 hours (38 x 15 min = 570 min) that for the same symptom to appear on the skin. 

PA is a protection grade of UVA. UVA penetrates deep into the skin, having an impact on generation of wrinkles, colored spots and freckles. There are three grades in PA: +, ++, +++. More + means better protection. But remember that PA++ doesn’t mean that it protects your skin from UVA twice as strong as Pa+.

Q [About Product] When opening the product, the content has sunken in some parts. Isn’t the volume smaller than indicated?

Each and every product Nexxen manufactures goes through inspection in every manufacturing process and 100% of the standard volume is put in the container. Sometimes customers contact us about the possibility of insufficient volume, but why it appears so is because we designed the container to have some space considering the manufacturing process, sometimes making the shape of the content deformed due to inclination or shock during the distribution process.This may make you feel like the volume is insufficient, but it is actually not when actually measuring the volume.

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