Beauty over all period and generation,Nexxen Cosmetic


Beauty revealed from original Korean tradition and wisdom

From the beginning of herbal cosmetics to fermented cosmetics, Nexxen Cosmetics has tried to find beauty from Korean tradition.

Based on that, we developed technology and products optimized to skin and have informed the world about Korean beauty.


Developed and differentiate beauty Added to Modern technology

‘Gold Myjin’ as a represent brand of Nexxen Cosmetics added to excellent effect of Korean Ginseng and modern developed extract technology, is loved from Korea to Asia.

There is the result completed by endlessly researching and trying to combine between natural ingredient and new technology.


Endless experiment and challenge spirit for the next generation

Nexxen Cosmetics continues to invent on research and development and researching new technology and natural ingredient in the world widely.

Moreover, for storing core ability, training, securing research manpower of the highest level and so on, we continue to do research restlessly for beauty to last for the next generation.


There is global Nexxen Cosmetics taking a leap to wilder world.
  • America

    Nexxen Cosmetics entered the US market by launching DABO in 2015 and currently expanding the sales channels mainly from the western region which shows greater interest in K-Beauty. DABO’s various products in the cleansing and pack lines are highly favored in the US market.
  • Hong Kong

    Nexxen Cosmetics expanded into the Hong Kong market by singing a contract with Bonjour Cosmetic in 2014 and DABO’s various products have been introduced in more than 40 BONJOUR stores.
  • Myanmar

    Beginning with launching DABO in 2013, Nexxen Cosmetics has opened stores at many shopping centers and cosmetic stores such as Beauty Diary and seen higher brand recognition and sales rise with various marketing operations.
  • Vietnam

    In 2009, Nexxen Cosmetics took a step ahead and expanded into the Vietnamese market. Gold My Jin, developed based on the Vietnamese customers’ needs, was launched successfully, allowing us to extend our business to Vietnam. DABO was launched afterwards and has been loved since by Vietnamese customers via chain stores across the country.
  • Korea

    Nexxen Cosmetics successfully entered the cosmetic market with Julia in 2008, launched DABO with the slogan ECO LIFE STYLE in 2009, which has been greatly loved since. Leeblese and Gold My Jin were launched afterwards and also successfully made inroads into the market.
  • Cambodia

    In 2013, ‘DABO’ of NEXXEN COSMETIC brand was launched successfully and has paid attention to aloe skin care line by all age groups.
  • Malaysia

    In 2013, ‘DABO’ brand was launched successfully and ‘DABO MAKE UP’ of NEXXEN COSMETIC which was set up in last year has paid attention to various products by people.